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NextCandle.com was founded by a group of seasoned hedge fund traders who joined forces in 2005 to trade stocks, futures and commodities. We setup a successful hedge fund, and in 2011 we launched NextCandle.com based on our knowledge and experience, providing fully automated daily indications as to the probable movement of any asset in the US markets using our proprietary DAA technology.
In 2012 we added to NextCandle.com a complete prediction history for over 4,000 US assets. We also welcomed Mr. Marshall Gittler as our chief strategist. Marshall is the former Chief Investment Officer of the Bank of China in Switzerland, a position he took following nine years at Deutsche Bank where he was the chief strategist for EMEA and ASIA. Marshall knew us through our hedge fund and was amazed by our accurate predictions and performance during the extreme market volatility in 2008 and 2009. 
Our proprietary Dynamic Asset Analyzer (DAA) technology is based on years of experience and development using real money in real markets. The DAA technology is the basis of many of our hedge fund algorithms and the basis of NextCandle.com. In mid-2012 we introduced our Dynamic Stock Picker (DSP), which is a set of stock picking algorithms based on our DAA technology. We have put the DSP service through rigorous back testing and forward testing as well as live testing and have achieved fantastic risk adjusted returns.
Our staggering success rate of 76% from 2011 has continued into 2012. While DAA has proved itself in many markets, this was most apparent in February 2012 as Apple was breaking all-time highs almost daily. Not only did our DAA technology accurately predict these consecutive all-time highs, it also accurately predicted the end of this trend and the subsequent decrease in price. 

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